Destination Wedding Q&A – Why should you bring a professional photographer?

April 6, 2011

Destination Wedding Photography Travel Costs Q&A:

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What will we have to pay for if we bring a photographer overseas to our destination wedding?


There are many benefits to bringing your local wedding photographer with you to a destination wedding.  If you could choose to bring a vendor with you, it should be an image professional.

Important benefits:
-You’ll know their specific quality, coverage, and style.
-They are aware of foreign regulations and rules.
-Wedding pros hold insurance

Having a wedding pro with you on your destination wedding will avoid any mishaps.  Be aware that traveling charges such as airfare, and hotel accommodations will be added to your coverage cost for these professional photographers.  Do not worry about paying for any other activities, as that is not your responsibility.  Again check over the contract to make sure that you are paying for all the travel-related costs and the photography coverage.

You will be very grateful that you chose to take a certified and reliable wedding professional, like Carly Fuller Photography a photographer based in philadelphia, with you when your destination wedding is all said and done!