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December 31, 2012

Happy New Years Eve!!

This year has taken me to the shores of Maryland, to the beaches in Virginia, to mountains of northern Pennsylvania, the mansions of New Jersey & Philadelphia, to the bustle of Washington DC, and back to the docks in Annapolis.

Where has 2012 taken you?

I cannot believe that in less then 16 hours I will need to start writing 2013 on every letter.  It seems that each year tends to race by quicker and quicker.  January saunters by, the weekends fill up with gorgeous weddings in many different cities and states, and then all of a sudden September is here!  Where does the time go?  Almost every day I ask myself, whats my name, where am I, and what city am I headed to?!  This to me is extremely exciting.  You may be thinking Alzheimers? memory loss (well maybe)?  Mostly just a busy photographer who is willing to travel ANYWHERE for a day or two.

Although I am never excited to see another year flyyyyy by, I am absolutely humbled this year by the amazing couples/families/friends that have welcomed me and my large camera bags into their homes, weddings, and lives.  It has been a very rewarding year and I am so excited for all the new engagements, weddings, and families to meet in 2013!  Each day I am reminded about how wonderful life is when you are doing exactly what you love…Photography will never become bland to my palate for encapsulating a day…a memory…a vow will always be magical with a single still image.

Here’s to 2013 and everyone who has added a little warmth, generosity, and hope to my life!  I genuinely love you all and all the sillies we shared.

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