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The CFP squad, is made up of five fun-loving, compassionate, and mindful photographers who have worked alongside one another for years.

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Nothing makes us fall in love with an image more than true smiles & candid expressions. From making you laugh at us or with us, we want to get to know you while we photograph. Creating authentic images that you and your loved ones will treasure for years to come. Your love story is the beginning of your own family history. It is not only important to capture your love, but the life and energy that surrounds you. Telling your story with every detail, laugh, tear, hand squeeze, and whisper. It is in the small moments that the important memories lie and your story unfolds. We believe everyone has a story that should be told.

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My photography style is known for its playful elegance and timeless emotion. Capturing love stories all began while gaining my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. My degree gave me the opportunity to perfect my technical skills and develop my own artistic vision. I have photographed over 500 couple's stories from Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, New York City, to Martha's Vineyard, and beyond. With each new destination & couple, I fall more and more in love with the intensity, romance, and emotions of our couples and the love that surrounds you. I strive to bring positivity and share my experience each day! It is my dream come true and privilege to capture some of the most important moments in so many peoples lives.






Full Wedding Gallery

Full Wedding Gallery

Aside from Erin's bright personality she brings 12 years of experience to the table. Unlike most photographers, Erin learned on film and has a degree in photography. Her education led her to NYC where she continued to develop her skill and learn from top photojournalists. Erin also has a passion for travel. Photography has allowed her to adventure to many parts of the world, always having her camera in hand.  After traveling the world, Erin decided to move home to Maryland. She currently resides in Annapolis with her husband and three kids.

Caitlin is a wife and mother to five wonderful, kind souls who inspire her every day. She has been into photography since she was a teenager, when she would carry two cameras around at all times- one with black and white film and one with color.  She loves being able to use photography to capture the intimate moments of a wedding- the first time a daddy sees his little girl in her white gown, the tears in a mother's eyes as she dances with her son on the most important day of his life.  She finds creative inspiration in the little moments and truly enjoys meeting and interacting with everyone she meets.





Full Wedding Gallery

Full Wedding Gallery

Anna's passion for photography started young, she would obsessively look at old pictures for hours in her parents basement, sifting through box after box. The thing that drew her in was the story a picture could tell through a distinct moment captured in time; how one image could make you feel so many different emotions. Anna loves to capture each emotion of the wedding day so that the couple can look back and re-live one of the best days of their lives. When she isn't photographing a wedding, you can find her runing around barefoot with her three kiddos, drinking red wine, eating chocolate and hanging out with her husband (hopefully all at the same time.)

Danica loves capturing the moments in peoples lives that leave them with an ever lasting smile. Danica dreamed of being a professional photographer in college. Somehow that big dream she had for years became her surreal reality. Her lighthearted approach and appreciation for the fleeting moments, made her a perfect fit for the CFP team. When she's not photographing, you will find her out on a paddle board enjoying the sun, playing with her rescue pup Riley or traveling to new places with her husband Kevin.

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