Choosing The Best Wedding Florist For Your Vision

March 12, 2020

Does Your Floral expert ESP your wedding vision?…Our wedding colors were Copper & Autumnal tones

Choosing your wedding florist, seemed like one of the most daunting yet exciting tasks. Our vision for florals was limited by our flower vocabulary. We knew we wanted more greenery, less is more, and fall colors. Throw in one semi-colorblind person and another who’s seen so many bouquets how could she decide one color theme…That was us! You’d think I could name more than a handful of flowers, considering how many wedding bouquets I’ve photographed. I seemed to love many different floral color themes for different reasons. Blush peonies in the spring, dark burgundy in the fall, bright pops of yellow in the summer. They all sound wonderful! 

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I highly recommend finding someone who helps guide you and can sense your vibe from simple descriptions. Kate from Floret + Vine has done florals for many of my wedding couples. I heard she could read their minds. Their reviews were spot on. Kate is a professional visionary and from the few descriptions we gave her, she nailed what we were looking for. In fact she guided us to also have other design elements that we couldn’t have envisioned on our own. She asked many questions which narrowed down what other decor to have, what areas to decorate, including copper compotes, lanterns, and florals on Ceremony Installation.

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As we answered, she jotted down all our words, and notes, in such an organized fashion. She certainly esp’s her couples and helps translate your vision into a design. By the end of our meeting, she had a complete vision, a name for the theme, and we couldn’t have felt more understood and excited to see what her team creates at Tusculum Farm

Be unique. Be Yourself. Some people have their venues decked out with flowers upon flowers, others have mostly greenery, some have simple decor instead. The best part of designing with Kate was that she helped guide us to be true to what we wanted. I personally didn’t want a huge formally wrapped bouquet. Bringing in a meaningful part of my childhood inspired my own bouquet vision…My dad used to pick wild flowers and bring them home for us as gifts. I dreamed of having a bunch of loose stems that our guests would hand me as I walked down the aisle. These stems would be a way to integrate my father into the aisle and create my “bouquet” of flowers. In a way his memory will be with me with each step and stem. Baltimore business branding portrait

Tidewater Inn Eastern Shore Wedding

Tidewater Inn Eastern Shore Wedding

Flowers are expensive. There’s no sugar coating it. Imagine growing your own plant in the backyard, it takes love, time, water, sun, and did I mention more time. This part of your wedding investment is so important to find someone truly gifted with making your vision a reality. Find a pro like Kate who also uses your flower budget in the best possible way. You can also integrate other decor elements to enhance your design if you don’t envision elaborate bouquets on each table. This was an amazing idea for us!

Tidewater Inn Eastern Shore Wedding

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Using locally sourced floral’s that will be fresh on your wedding day. Often we see flowers on pinterest but don’t think about what season or part of the country they’re coming from. This will impact their freshness. I always think local is best! Choosing florals that are local and growing in your area, is another beautiful way to represent your unique wedding.