Fuller Gals Travel to UPenn | Philadelphia Personal Day

September 7, 2012

Sometimes you just need to get away!  I am so thankful that over the last year I have become even closer with my sister Shannon…It has been so fun reminiscing and sharing stories that we had with dad and really keeping him alive between the three of us (my two half sisters Robyn & Shannon)  I could write an entire blog post about the long line of Fuller women and how we are related just not 100%.  Let’s keep it simple tho, we share a dad…and quite “Frank”ly that’s enough to make us 200% related! *ha*

At the beginning of the summer Shannon had mentioned she had never been to Dad’s alma mater University of Pennsylvania, I took that on as a mission. Must get shan up there!  So we planned it on a Saturday/Sunday, no nephews just sister time.  Shannon is by far the BEST travel companion you could go somewhere with.  We arrived at UPenn Wharton School, walked around, and really enjoyed just being where dad had been around 60 years ago.  Jon Huntsman was in our Dad’s fraternity a year or two after Dad (as far as our Dad’s story goes, which could be questionable, but we’ll go with it)!  It was so much fun being silly, walking around South St, and going to the Constitution center for the Bruce Springsteen exhibit.  (of course we’re related she’ll do any pose with me!) Believe me we didn’t plan our outfits either, must be a sister thang.

Philadelphia traveling Photographer - Wharton School brick walkPhiladelphia traveling Photographer - Sister Shannon - Black iron gatesPhiladelphia traveling Photographer - University of Pennsylvania Jon Huntsman Wharton School stepsPhiladelphia traveling Photographer - Constitution Hall Bruce Springsteen ExhibitPhiladelphia traveling Photographer - South Street Philadelphia black and whitePhiladelphia traveling Photographer - South St Philadelphia Sunset