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November 24, 2011

Holidays can be hard, but keeping grateful will keep you standing tall…

Although I have lost, I will always keep warm with these memories

Sun rising through the windows…I am sitting here coffee in hand… silence….watching the deer…..wondering…reflecting….

I realize how grateful I am.  When you look back at past family gatherings, and have photographs like these, maybe you’ll realize why I love being a professional philadelphia photographer so much!  I couldn’t make it through this holiday season without these captivating images of my dad…

Gratitude - Maryland Family Photography - Capturing Memories

I was raised by an amazing mother, my best friend, my angel, a very intelligent independent woman.  She raised me to chase after what I believe in with kind, bold, determination!

Gratitude - Maryland Family Photography - Capturing Memories

While on the other end of the spectrum was my father.  My poppers, as I called him, urged me to chase my dreams relentlessly.  He always wanted all his girls to “build your table strong.”  He thought, “the more legs under a table the stronger a foundation the table has”…AKA the table legs are our talents and abilities.  I will never lose sight of this vision in my mind.  Over the years with my parents willingness to support my dreams and imagination, I found my way through many different cities and earned a BFA in Photography.  You do not realize how difficult it is going to be when you hit the “real world”, especially as a fine artist or an aspiring professional photographer.   However, if you push yourself and continue to simply share the love you have for what you do, you cannot fail!  Especially if you had a man like my Dad always sharing his two cents and personal vision! Gratitude - Maryland Family Photography - Capturing Memories

Gratitude - Maryland Family Photography - Capturing MemoriesThrough all my experiences whether difficult or wonderful, I have come to appreciate the growth I gained.  I am so unbelievably grateful for every day I am given the chance to express my self through photography and be apart of such special moments in others’ lives and my own families lives…

So thank you to all those who have let me into their world for an hour, 5 hours, a day, a week, a year, my whole lifetime…You have, in short, helped to define my life, and the reason why I wake up every morning. Looking back through all these memories, I was a baby, a little girl and a young woman, but only through these images and restored photographs do I remember many of these moments!Gratitude - Maryland Family Photography - Capturing Memories

While you are sitting at the computer this morning on this beautiful Thanksgiving, or seeing this on your iphone later, please take a moment and be sure to say out loud what you are grateful for.  It is humbling and will not just make you smile, but laugh, cry, and maybe even help you reflect to someone you may not have remembered to thank!

Here’s to a warm and pumpkin filled feast from my Studio and family to yours.



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Gratitude - Maryland Family Photography - Capturing Memories