FAQ – How to style your Hair for a Wedding?!

August 31, 2011

How to Style your Bridesmaid’s Hair ?

Hair-Do help!

I am a lucky girl this first week of September!  I am honored to be attending 3 weddings, 2 as a Photographer and 1 as a brides maid.  I am thrilled to be able to partake in the festivities at all these weddings, but I must say my Close Friend Walter and Yelena’s Wedding is in the fore-front of my mind.  All the details a couple takes to plan their wedding day just as they have envisioned is extremely time consuming.  Yelena and Walter are having their ceremony and reception at Tidewater Inn in Easton, MD.  I am so thankful the ceremony and reception all take place at the same spot, it really relieves the stress of traveling on a HUGE Holiday.

So as with planning a wedding, the bridesmaid (me) have to plan their hair, makeup, and timing! Wooh! ha nothing compared to planning your own wedding but let me tell you, for this girl figuring out your hair style is  challenge.

One BIG tip is ALWAYS hire a professional who specializes in what you need done.  Makeup and hair is a art and should not be taken lightly.  These are wedding photographs that will last forever, do you really want raccoon eyes or to look like you didn’t even get ready for their special day?  Although professional stylists and makeup artists cost a little bit extra, it is worth it!  Buying all the makeup to create your look will cost you well over $95, trust me I went out just to price it out for you.

A Professional Make up artist (MUA) has it done for you and also knows how to make your face Photograph ready.  Photograph ready means, you will not be the reflective surface in every picture.  I don’t think you want to look like your face is shining in each of the couple’s wedding photographs.  Be sure if you decide to do your own makeup to use a matte finish, and talk to a make up artist about certain tricks that help your skin and makeup show up best in the camera!

Since I am a professional photographer working daily, shooting or editing, I rarely style my hair.  I always leave my hair down straight or pull it back in a pony-tail, so it is exciting and scary to have pins, hairspray and time put into making a neat looking hair-do!  To help my stylist that we hired from StudioII in Easton, MD I have clipped images from all sorts of places just to give her an idea of what hair-do I would like!  This is ALWAYS a good idea, to come with a collage of your vision.  I call it really a snip-it of your mind, to help the stylist/make up artist/photographer understand where your thoughts are!

As you can see I am going for the Natural tousled, romantic, vintage inspired up-do.  I hope you like my Hair-Do Inspiration Board!! Try out printing many different examples of your idea and cutting them out and putting them in your own inspiration collage!