We believe all women deserve to be pampered and celebrated. Regardless of your color, shape, or size, allow your beauty to radiate from within. For years we have criticized our bodies, curves, and lines...It's time for a new script.  Time to celebrate our body for all it has done for us. Our bodies have brought us through so many days, milestones, troubled times, and it will continue to carry us.  

#BodyLove sessions are a new moment in now, a photography session to celebrate YOU.  As a woman who spent many years in the performing arts and a visual career, I know how hard it is to put the magnifying glass down.  I often catch myself being hyper critical of my own curves. I want to support other women to find a new way to LOVE themselves.  Each and every figure!

Join us for an intimate boudoir experience that will leave you feeling confident & more beautiful than ever!

We all have a story to tell Authentically capturing your love will create timeless moments to share forever • What's your story? • 

Nothing makes me fall in love with an image more than true smiles & candid expressions.  From making you laugh at me or with me, I want to get to know you while I photograph. Creating authentic images that you and your loved ones will treasure for years to come.  Your love story is the beginning of your own family history.  It is not only important to capture your love, but the life and energy that surrounds you.  I tell your story with every detail, laugh, tear, hand squeeze, and whisper.  It is in the small moments that the important memories lie and your story unfolds.  I believe everyone has a story that should be told.

What is your story?


Bio Photo Credit: Thank you to Maria Linz, Wendy Hickok, Caitlin & Erin, Travis CurryDani Leigh, & Red Leash Photography

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