We met in College Park at the University of Maryland in 2009 – so we have known each other 10 years. We met at a party through ‘a friend of a friend’ kind of thing – not a very cool story. But one of the reasons we climbed into the fountain during the engagement photoshoot, was because ‘skinny dipping in the fountain late at night was definitely one of our things back in the day. – Our first date: Hard to say, I don’t really remember, because we were friends at first and then at some point it just switched from friends to now these hangouts are ‘dates’. We were friends for so long. Then in summer 2014 I flew to AZ with Sean to meet his parents, like just a friends because I wasn’t his girlfriend (he had frequent flyer mile points to use) but then after that trip we were basically in this new found phase of dating and on September 27th 2014 he asked me to be his girlfriend like officially. So this September we will have our 5 years of dating anniversary. So maybe our first date was me flying to AZ with him to meet his parents haha, (spent a whole week there, hiking, kayaking, etc.) because that’s when it all kind of changed from friends to more than just friends. – Sean proposed to me on July 8, 2018 in Germany at a castle. The castle is called “Schloss Fasanerie” and is located in a town called Eichenzell (about 1 hour north of Frankfurt). I am German, used to live there, have many German relatives living in Germany still. Sean and I were on our summer vacation to Germany and with the help of my cousin (German) they picked this place because of it’s beautiful gardens and proximity to my German relatives. This was super awesome and fairy tale like to be proposed to in front of a castle. http://www.schloss-fasanerie.de/en/home.html See attached photos. Other: – We are outdoorsy people – love hiking, kayaking. climbing, skiing, snowboarding – We climbed together in college. we were in a rockclimbing club. we still rockclimb together today – sean way more than me, he is very good – we have an Earth Treks membership. Sean just came in 6th place in a local DMV climbing competition this weekend. I prefer yoga and swimming these days – but i still know how to climb and do on occasion. sean is a super athlete he also plays soccer and volleyball, busy guy. for the past 3 years i was in physical therapy school (grad school) so now that i finally have free time, i am trying to figure out what hobbies i want to pursue lol – We used to live in Federal Hill for 3 years and just made the big move to suburbia. we bought a house in Howard County (Elkridge). we have spent the past 2 months setting up the house. – Sean is from NJ but I am from Ellicott City – so it is really cool to be back in my hometown and show Sean my old stomping ground. We just got our Costco membership and I feel like this is the pinnacle of adulating in the burbs. I just started my very first big girl job as physical therapist (Dr. Jess) 😉 I work in the sports medicine field in an outpatient orthopedic clinic in Columbia, MD. Sean is a computer engineer and works for an information technology consulting firm in the area. – We have 2 orange tabby kitties named Ajax and Ziggy.

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Professionals:
Wedding Venue: Chesapeake Bay Beach Club
Wedding Planner: Teresa at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club
Wedding Florist: Rhonda Kaplan
Wedding Photographer: Caitlin & Erin – Carly Fuller Photography
Officiant: Cara Michelle Miller
Wedding Cake: SugarBakers Cakes
Makeup: Rusty Allemand
Hair Stylist: Elizabeth Chrisner
Transportation: Viennas Transportation Inc
Catering: Chesapeake Bay Beach Club
Bridal Dress: Betsy Robinson’s Bridal
Bridal Shoes: Kate Spade KEDS
Grooms Tux/Suit: Black Tux
Cufflinks: Amazon
Bridal Jewelry: Macys
Rings: Blue Nile
Bridesmaid Dress: JJ’s House