Top 5 reasons to book an experienced Baltimore Event DJ

August 10, 2021

Five important characteristics of an experienced DJ for your event:
Attention to the details of event timing
Music knowledge for events
Experience reading a crowd
Flexibility to adjust with the team for event flow
Communication running the event

When talking to our favorite DJ’s in Baltimore we realized there really are important factors to look for when hiring your Baltimore event DJ. Mixing Maryland‘s owner Ryan, MyDeejay owner Evan, and District Remix co-owners Jacob & Jason all shared their feedback on how to search for the best DJ for your event.

Hiring an experienced DJ will help with the flow of your event. Reviews matter, look for their attention to detail of your preferred event timing. Making sure their look and DJ space match your vibe. Music knowledge will impact the songs and mood of the event. Find someone who works as a team with the rest of your #dreamteam, so the event flows smoothly. Communication before and during your event from the DJ can shift the timing of your event.

How do you want your event to flow?
Making sure your DJ is aware of a few key factors in your timeline and music choices. The order of events will be influenced by the efficiency of your #dreamteam, the Venue layout, guest count, sunset, and the unique formalities you want. Dj’s who take time to help you set the tone of your day is crucial. Sharing their past experience to help the flow of the event. District Remix believes there should be a reason you are doing certain things at your event, so at the end of the day you’re happy with the flow. Timing is everything, making sure you leave appropriate time for dinner, greeting the guests, and dancing! Greeting the guests takes up a lot of time, making sure to spread out each hug and conversation could change whether you have 30 minutes of dancing or over an hour of dancing. Setting realistic expectations with your use of time.

Guiding the Toasts and formalities of an event rely on a professional Dj who will guide the day and not stay on the mic. Being a part of a team is KEY. Timing the cake cutting, toasts, and the movement of guests from one room to the next can impact the flow of the day. An experienced DJ will help share useful ways to transition your guests from one space and their attention to the next event. Being able to guide and control the crowd will help to save time in between toasts and decrease dead space in sound.

Music sets the tone for the event:
“What kind of music do you listen to?” (The overall goal is to reflect the couples music personality to the dance floor, showing them off in the sound as well) Each portion of the evening has its own mood. They will take your musical style and lean heavy into that style, especially during cocktail hour. Once the dance floor is open District Remix will take into account the vibe of the couple and music that will appease the overall mood. People will only dance to what they know or like. There are ways to blend wedding appropriate music with the couples music personality.

Music Styles range from 80s, Top 40, Pure 90s, Smooth Jazz, and beach vibe. Transitions are key from today’s hits, to motown to rap. On the fly requests

What’s a song you would play to get more people on the dance floor?
The best song to play always depends on the crowd and the moment – in general, people will be motivated to get out of their seats when they hear songs they recognize and love. DJ Evan Reitmeyer, MyDeejay “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston or “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift – songs that are almost universally recognizable and would appeal to the majority of the guests. District Remix  agreed “I wanna dance with somebody” by Whitney Houston is universally loved.

Packed Dance floor killers: Things that happen to stop the flow of dancing and clear the dance floor. MyDeejay Evan said, “Plenty! My favorite “head-scratcher” that I occasionally see on my couples’ request lists is “Cecilia” by Simon and Garfunkel. I guess some people really love that song but it’s practically impossible to dance to, and always seems to clear the dance floor within 30 seconds.” Other beloved wedding traditions also stop the flow of your dance floor and add a challenge to your DJ or band to get the crowd rev’ed up again: Bouquet/Garter toss, cake cutting, Surprise toasts, Sunset or fireworks timed poorly without a transition back inside. Spilling drinks on the dance floor, to name a few more from Jacob with District Remix‘s perspective

District Remix:

Jacob and his District Remix team’s attention to detail, their ability to mix music, music knowledge, emphasis on creating a vibe that reflects the couple, and their reviews alone set them apart. Jacob and Jason said their key to success: Each DJ on their team takes the first 20 minutes to test out the crowd by playing something old, something new, and a throwback. This approach allows him to read the crowd and sense what vibe of music they are reacting to. Taking the couples requested music style and bridging it with a different flavor of music that appeals to other guests as well.

Mixing Maryland: 



Evan has been one of the Baltimore and DC area’s top-requested wedding DJs for over 15 years. His perspective on the importance of focusing on the clients preferences over his own, make it clear why so many couples and event clients choose his team to guide the flow and sound of their events. One of his favorite songs that most people really love and some people really hate, like “Party In the USA” by Miley Cyrus. Evan said “You get a mix of cheering and groans when the song starts, but everybody (including the “haters” who groaned initially) end up singing along on the dance floor by the end of the song. Music is the soundtrack we live our lives to – a song can transport you through space and time the same way as the smell of your grandma’s pie – which makes music something truly magical.” –DJ Evan Reitmeyer