Why have Professional Wedding Make-up? – Jordan K Winn & Co Tips

September 13, 2011

Wondering why you should have a professional make up artist do your wedding eye-lashes and lips?!  Jordan K Winn, a Pro Make-up Artist interviewed me last week exactly on this topic.  Jordan with Jordan Winn Make-up Artist, is a passionate and very talented MUA (Make-up Artist)  She has a great personality and very fun to sit with.  From the moment I met her I completely trusted her.  It is hard for me to trust someone with brushes on my cheeks and dabbing at my eye lashes, but she rocks!  I am so happy she asked to interview me on Why Make-up is so important from a Professional Photographer’s standpoint.

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“Why have professional ‘Make-up’ for your Wedding?”


-What happens in wedding photographs if the bride does not wear make-up? Does it look the same?
Make-up is an integral part to walking away with flawless photographs!  Wearing professional makeup avoids shine areas, smudges, and unnatural shadows.  Make-up after all hides those problem areas we all have; under eye, cheeks, and lips.  If these areas are ignored, it will 100% show in photographs, and typically ages us in the photos.

-Why is it important to use a professional MUA instead of the bride and bridal party applying their own make-up?
Application is key to success, not everyone is a skilled makeup artist.  This is why hiring a pro is so important.  There are specific types of makeup that should be worn to avoid glare and shiny spots.  Makeup artists also know specific tricks to get the smoothest looking skin in photographs, such as No SPF lotion when being photographed.

-For the barely make-up wearing bride, do you think it is necessary to apply make-up or its better to go without and get all the photos retouched?
A natural bride still needs to have some sort of makeup applied.  A light concealer or matte finish powder helps to avoid shine.  Also lip gloss and a small light mascara or eye liner will help to make the eyes and lips pop in the images.  Looking natural with a clean face still needs the hand of a professional make up artist so that the skin looks its best in the lens of a camera!

-Do you reccommend getting makeup done professionaly to all your couples already?
From the first wedding consultation with my couples, I am constantly recommending and guiding them in their decisions and planning.  I stress hiring a make up artist, hair stylist, and planner.  These three people play a pivotal role in how you appear after your day is through!  Professional Make up artists save a lot of money on post-wedding retouching!

-Anything else couples should know from a Reputable Philadelphia Wedding Photographer’s point of view regarding make-up?
When choosing your makeup artist and stylist, be sure to look at their samples.  Ask questions about what brand of make up they use.  Make sure to use a make up artist whose products are compatible with your skin.  Do you have sensitive skin?  Do you have special needs?  Always make sure you ask these questions so you make sure to find a Real Professional make up artist for your wedding!

These are a couple shots of Jordan Winn MUA in action, Photographed by Carly Fuller Photography at a Philadelphia Photo Shoot!

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