Thoughtful Tuesday | Lifestyle Wedding Photographer

February 5, 2013

Who has a sister that would text that to you when you’re feeling blue? 
Who they talk to almost daily? 
That says the same things as you at the same time? 
Knows your deepest secrets?
Keeps you in line when your brain goes astray? 
Reminds you that you deserve to be loved…

Gosh well I do, I have two!  I am sure Shan is reading this, haha,  you could say she also is one of my favorite fans 🙂 and I still get flattered when she calls up telling me she was looking at my last shoot.  Sisters are so important.  Over the years we all change come in and out of situations.  A sister, whether blood or heart related, is the same.  Even if you don’t talk every day or every 6 months, they somehow still can read your heart, your mind, and they know exactly what blood runs through you because well in our case it’s 50% the same…but more like 110% the same, since Dad’s genes were so strong!


Today is the official first week of February.  Valentines day is on it’s way.  So be sure to not just remember the special romance that may be in your life, it’s often even more important to send a special love note to those friends and family that have stood by you along the way!