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February 20, 2014

If you had to pick one city to get married in, which would it be!?

Are you moving while planning a wedding?!

What city would you would be willing to move to?!

Recently I have been reflecting on how many of my engaged and married couples have moved to new cities over the last year!  I realized that this moves all my couples, families, and their future families far away!  When I photograph a wedding I want to be apart of their life, capturing their first house, 5 year anniversary, first baby, first baby steps, etc!  How will I do that when they all move to far away cities?!  Well!!!  I start traveling more!  I would LOVE to travel more for my business and transition to a destination lifestyle photographer. Especially in European cities, hint hint!!  So getting married or moving to Paris, Galway Bay, Manchester, Edinburgh, Amsterdam?!  Be sure to pack me in the suitcase!

Looking at all my 2013 weddings, a little over 75% of my couples moved outside of their hometown at least 3 months before or after their wedding!  WOW!  That is a pretty high percentage for out of state wedding planning.  I have asked many of these couples if planning a destination wedding in a city 5-8 hours away was tough?!  What are the challenges?!  I want to know tips and advice to help other out of state couples planning their Annapolis wedding.  This way engaged couples can come to this charming town with useful tricks and not be challenged by planning out of state!

The wedding planning for an out of town wedding is not just the hard part, there is the moving trucks, coordinating homes, selling a home, buying a home, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and just getting settled into the new city!

I recently bought my first home in Annapolis, MD.  It has been extremely challenging, exciting, and rewarding.  However, imagining what my couples are going through moving more then 100-200 miles away from home base blows my mind, ESPECIALLY while planning a wedding!  Yes back in college when I was stir crazy I moved from University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida then back home to Maryland.  6 months later I moved to University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.  Then graduated college and three months later I spontaneously decided to move to Boston, MA to pursue my photography business dreams, yes on a whim folks!  It worked, made me grow and I learned INSTANTLY how to be an adult on my own.  2 years later I traveled back to my home base of Maryland.  I have now been in my hometown for over 5 years, but in the last 2 years all I have wanted to do was find a home and not have to pack up everything again!

So my question is, How do you do it?!

When your significant others job, life, circumstances change and you both need to look at moving.  What helped you decide to go?  Was it difficult?  Were there any services you would say are MUST HAVE?

I must say, thinking about all my couples that I have photographed and where their lives have taken them over the last year seems so exciting!  New Jersey, Florida, Washington state, California, New York, Massachusetts!  The list goes on!

Hopefully in the near future I will setup trips to these neighboring states and countries to be sure to continue capturing the families and love of my out of town married couple’s lives!

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“It doesn’t matter where you’re going.  It’s who you have beside you.”

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