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November 8, 2017

We absolutely LOVE when couples include their furry buddies in the photos sessions and are so excited that Tehya & Tiffany founded this amazing company to help with just that! Furever & Fur Always provides the services to make this possible, wedding day and engagement photos dog care. “They are there for you for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health–so shouldn’t they be there for the most special moment of your life?!”  Furever & Fur Always answered some of our questions about how to make it possible to have your dog at the wedding.  Why it’s important. (I mean that’s pretty obvious to me haha but just in case;). ) How to hire the right person and how you know you can trust Furever & Fur Always.

Baltimore Museum of Industry wedding dog party with floral collars made by Scentsational Florals

Why is it important to include your pup in your wedding?

When you plan a wedding your guest list consists of your family and closest friends because you want to share your most special day with those who mean the most to you. So wouldn’t your pup be included on that list? If you’re a fur parent then they usually are the most important thing in your life…period. This is going to be a day that you’ll remember forever, so wouldn’t you want them as part of that memory? As an added bonus they make the cutest wedding photos!

Anne Barge - Pet Friendly Wedding Venue - Tidewater Inn WeddingPatterson Park Pagoda Engagement photos with two black labsEngagement Photos in Annapolis with Family Dog

How do we arrange for your dog’s care on the wedding or engagement day?

When you first contact us we will schedule a Pup N Greet. This is completely free and allows us to get to know you and your pup! It also allows for us all to speak in person about the vision for your day and logistically how we will pick-up and drop-off including location, time, any special instructions for entrance, anyone specific we need to talk to, etc. Every couple is completely unique so we want to make sure we can tailor specifically to your needs, and make sure everyone is able to be stress-free throughout the whole process. It’s important to us to keep in communication, so we will reach out a day or two before the event to make sure everything is still scheduled as planned. We always love hearing from you throughout the process regarding any questions, changes or even just to chat. If you feel like your pup needs some more one-on-one time with us or to come to the rehearsal then we can always discuss arranging that. Remember, this is your day so it’s important to us that it’s memorable for you!

On the date of the engagement shoot, wedding or planned event then we will usually try to pick-up your pup and get him/her to the venue early so we can take a nice long walk and get some energy out. So once your photographer is ready to include your dog in the pictures s/he will be tired and more cooperative. Our technique for the pawfect photos are squeaky toys and yummy treats usually right over your photographer’s shoulder. We also come completely prepared with water, water bowls, treats, bowel movement baggies (to put it more politely), wipes for their paws and fur, lint rollers, doggie perfume spray, towels, toys and anything else we initially discuss. It’s important that we make the day just as special for them!

Once it’s time to say good-bye at the venue and for pictures then we will make sure they get safely to their designated drop-off location. This way no one needs to worry about missing a thing!

Federal Hill Fall Engagement photos with 8 month old maltipoo puppyblack and white dog portrait

So why do people opt out of having their four-legged friend there?

Logistically it’s really hard to figure out! It’s obviously your wedding day and you already have enough going on that you can’t look after your pup like you normally do. Then the people that you trust to look after your pet when you can’t are either part of the bridal party or a guest attending your wedding. Usually it’s frowned upon to ask one of those guests to make sure your fur baby is being watched over and cared for. The next option is usually asking an “not as close friend who wasn’t invited to the wedding” to pick-up and drop-off your pup so they can be there for the short period of time during the ceremony and some photo opportunities and then take them back home. Usually people feel pretty awkward asking someone to do this. And ultimately the decision is made that their dog just won’t be included.

Maltipoo in a couple's engagement photos on Federal Hill

Engagement Photos in Annapolis with Family DogBaltimore Museum of Industry wedding dog party with floral collars made by Scentsational Florals

Patterson Park Pagoda Engagement photos with two black labs

What do we say to your pup not being included?

That’s so sad – they are family and should be part of the most important day of your life! And that’s where we come in. We offer the services to make this possible: pick-up & drop-off, transportation, care & love, water & treats, dressing & pampering, ceremony & photo assistance and whatever else you might need to make sure you don’t have to worry about a thing but still have them there. We are fur mommas ourselves and couldn’t imagine our most special moments without our pups by our side, so we decided to create a solution to this very common problem. And that’s when Furever & Fur Always was born.

Dog engagement photos in BaltimoreBaltimore Museum of Industry wedding dog party with floral collars made by Scentsational Florals

Patterson Park Pagoda Engagement photos with two black labs

Why hire Furever & Fur Always when we don’t even know you?

First, because we are the ultimate dog-lovers and dog-people, and usually would rather spend all our time with every dog! And second, because we care that your dog is part of your wedding day. This is more than a company to us- it’s a passion. We make sure to take the time to get to know our clients and their humans to make sure everything will run smoothly the day of the wedding. We want to make sure your pup feels comfortable so s/he is not stressed the day of your wedding either. That’s why we always offer a free Pup N Greet before assisting them on the big day, and additional pup time if requested by you! We just want to make your special day is one to remember! As a side note, 10% of every sale is donated to a local Baltimore shelter to help those dogs in need. We really want the best for every dog out there!

Pet Friendly Wedding Venue - Tidewater Inn WeddingMaltipoo in a couple's engagement photos on Federal Hill

What is included in your most popular dog care package?

Our most popular package is our “Diamond Dog”.  This includes up to 4 hours of service once we pick-up your furry friend. When we leave from Baltimore that’s when the mileage will start. The first 60 miles are on us and after there is a small travel fee until we return back to our home in Locust Point. Once we pick-up your pup then the time will be divided between transportation, pampering, dressing in wedding attire, feeding/walking/potty breaks, lots of love, photo assistance, ceremony & reception assistance and making sure they return safely to bed! We will customize the time to best suit your needs!