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January 18, 2013

Colorful Photo Collages from INSTAGRAM!

Have you ever thought about where you traveled all year? The photographs you are really taking with your Iphone and altering with Instagram? I often take 10-20 photos a day with Instagram and never look back at them. I realized I have a full account of where I went in 2012 in INSTAGRAM! I thought it would be fun to sort my favorite Instagram photos and places I traveled to over 2012 by color…Call me OCD call me silly, but I think it looks super awesome!!!!!! I may even get canvas wraps for my living room with these collages.

Think about looking through all your iphone/android photos. You may have forgotten a really neat spot you saw months ago. Thank god for smart phones! I don’t know what we would do without technology. It seems to be changing the way we do everything. But I’m not complaining. Considering I’ve just recently done some research into sites like buzzoid, I know that I will use social media to the best of my ability. As I do enjoy taking photographs, this makes sense for me to do, especially as I want to build a brand and develop my Instagram account.

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navy blue instagram photos

Dark Blue Instragram Photographs - Annapolis Photographer Places

peachy instagram photos

Peachy Blue Instragram Photographs - Annapolis Photographer Favorite Places

red places and things – instagram photos

Red Instragram Photographs - Annapolis Photographer Places 2012

light blue places – instagram photos

Light Blue Instragram Photographs - Annapolis Photographer Favorite Places

brown places – instagram photos

Brown Instragram Photographs - Annapolis Photographer's Favorite Things

green instagram photos

Green Instragram Photographs - Annapolis Photographer favorite green things

orange instagram photos

People Instragram Photographs - Annapolis Photographer Favorite people

favorite food instagram photos

(The first row is what defines me and my major weaknesses!)

Red Instragram Photographs - Annapolis Photographer Favorite Things

Brown Instragram Photographs - Annapolis Photographer

Do we share the same favorite foods or places?!

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Lovely, I can’t imagine the time it took to put this together! Impressive!

Love the color sorting! I blog my instagram photo favs monthly! 🙂
Oh and going on Alison’s comment!!! I’d love to try Georgetown cupcakes!!! I loved the show it was pure chaos, haha! 🙂

I spy a few georgetown cupcakes! What a fun post. You are quite the instagramer. I need to start following you. 🙂

Love this!!! And now I am starving because all of that food looks amazing.