Eric Scott Gold | Hiring a Philadelphia Wedding DJ

May 21, 2015

I have wanted to share this talented DJ Eric Scott Gold from East Coast Event Group DJs for a while, and I am so happy last week I ran into Eric at a Sofitel wedding in Philadelphia!  We had worked another wedding at the The Manor House at Commonwealth two years ago.  Eric is a seasoned professional in the music and wedding industry.  His ability to bring anyone to the dance floor and control the flow of any size event is impressive.   I wanted to ask him a few things on how to find the best DJ for your event.  Eric shared so many important tips to help booking a DJ in Philadelphia.

Eric Scott Gold:  “Twenty two years. WOW! I’ve been entertaining at family functions for almost 2/3 of my life. It’s hard to say it out loud, because it feels like yesterday when I got my big break. How time flies!

East Coast Event Group DJs - Philadelphia Wedding DJWhy are you the right DJ for me?:
I’m often asked this at the point of sale. Great DJs are chameleons. They can amp it up and tune it down on cue. They can adapt to any situation. They can cruise in 1st or grind in 6th. They can hang behind the gear or interact on the dance floor. That’s what makes a great DJ. Mixing skills make you a good DJ, but to “jump the hump” you need to be versatile. If I need to rev up the energy, I’ll do it. If I need to sit back and let things happen, I’ll do it. I will adapt to any and all situations presented to me, in the moment, as it happens.
Do you bring an assistant or Roadie with you?:
I’m not the guy who’s going to charge you extra money for a roadie or junior assistant. Why should you pay for that? Now, some people will say “Well, what if the DJ needs to go to the bathroom?” Look, we’re all adults. I’m sure I can hold it until dinner. If Miley Cyrus has to pee during her concert does Katy Perry emerge from backstage and jump on the wrecking ball? LOL! No!  “What if you get sick and go down in the middle of the event?” In 22 years I’ve never missed an event, or showed signs of a medical deficiency on one. I once hosted an entire Bar Mitzvah with a broken ankle. Yeah, I was in pain for 4 days following, but the clients never knew it for those 5 hours that Autumn night. I fought through it, and as a professional, that’s what you need to do.
…. OK, now I have your attention. Keep Reading below…


East Coast Event Group DJs - Wedding DJ in PhiladelphiaEast Coast Event Group DJs - Wedding DJ in PhiladelphiaEast Coast Event Group DJs - Wedding DJ in PhiladelphiaEast Coast Event Group DJs - Wedding DJ in Philadelphia
What are traits you look for in a talented DJ?:
If you have true mixing skills, alongside a dynamic personality, with excellent public speaking skills, and a keen sense of your surroundings, blended with experience to pack any dance floor or adjust on the fly to out of the box situations YOU are a great DJ.
East Coast Event Group DJs - Wedding DJ in Philadelphia
How do you as a DJ pack a dance floor at an event?
As an entertainer, it’s my job to read a crowd, and play the appropriate music to energize them.  I am one who walks the cocktail room, surveying the situation, listening to conversations, and taking mental notes accordingly. I also play off the speeches of the best man, maid/matron of honor, and parents to use at a later point of the reception. Ex: If dad mentions in his toast that he and the bride used to travel down to the Jersey Shore in the summers I’m going to use that to my advantage at a later point in the evening. Also, taking requests is a good way to see where the guests are going, not saying I have to play them all, but it definitely helps with their likes and dislikes. Lastly, you always want to play the homeruns. The songs you know will get a reaction. I use the “every three” rule. Every third song you play needs to be a “screamer.” A song people can rally behind and sing-a-long to. Using everything I applied above, along with many other tricks can go a long way to engulfing my dance floor at each and every wedding I host.
East Coast Event Group DJs - Wedding DJ in PhiladelphiaWhat do you do if no one is out on the dance floor? How do you jumpstart the party?:
There are MANY tricks to pack a dance floor. Let me paint you a picture. You’re at a club, the dance floor is empty, and you’re not the “PARTY STARTER” person. You don’t have the personality to be the first one out there pulling on your friends. So what do you do? You wait for the liquid courage to kick in, and hope by that point others have commenced the action. At a wedding I don’t have the luxury to “wait” for the booze to circulate. It needs to be popping from the start. Slow songs are a good way to fill a floor. Who won’t leave their seat to dance with their spouse or significant other? Another way is with an ethnic track like the Hora (Jewish), the Tarantella (Italian), a Polka (Polish), or the Celtic Symphony (Irish), just to name a few. Everyone will engulf a dance floor to celebrate something cultural. And let’s not forget we’re in Philly, so the Mummer’s Strut is always a winner when you have relatives from South of Broad.

Do you need to give your DJ a playlist for the wedding?:

Your input is appreciated and encouraged, but please don’t make me an iPod.  Give me a few songs and artists you like.  Allow me to put it together in a way that it works, in the moment.  If you take the creativity out of my hands, and map out your entire evening with a pre produced playlist, why are you hiring a professional DJ? At that point you’re better off putting together an iTunes playlist and having cousin Jeff rent some self powered speakers. You’re hiring me for my experience, creativity, knowledge, and wittiness. I can’t use any of that if I’m hindered to a specific set list of songs in a predetermined order. Let me do what I am experienced and trained to do and you won’t be sorry!
Thank you SO much Eric for sharing so many tips and ideas for booking a professional DJ in Philadelphia.  So helpful and imaginative!
Philadelphia wedding vendors included in the photographs above:
Wedding Venue: The Manor House at Commonwealth, Horsham PA
Table decorations: Nancy Galler’s Floral, Allentown
Wedding Cake: Bredenbecks Bakery
Bridal Dress: Alfred Angelo Sapphire Collection
Bridal Shoes: Betsy Johnson
Grooms Tux/Suit: Military attire/ Yves Saint Laurent, The Country Bride and Gent
Grooms Shoes: The Country Bride and Gent
Bridesmaid Dress: Alfred Angelo
Makeup Artist: Fawn Monique
Hair Stylist: ReVive! Hair Salon Allentown, PA
Florist: Nancy Galler’s Floral, Allentown, PA
DJ/Band: East Coast Event Group – Eric
Transportation: Prime Time Limousine
First Dance Song: Forever, Ben Harper

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