Brand Brainstorming | Pinterest Inspiration Board

February 4, 2013

Fall in love with my Pinterest Inspiration Board…Just be careful falling in love with pinterest…It’s Addddddictive!!

Ever since Pinterest was released I was addicted.  So much so that I had to cut myself off.  I was finding myself laying in bed at night and then realizing it was 3am and I had wasted almost 3 hours pinning away…Habits die hard though.  However during wedding season I was unable to log on and update anything.  So now with a bit of time to begin developing a more cohesive brand appearance, what would be better for brainstorming then PINTEREST!!!  Uh oh..I know what you’re thinking, I’m thinking it too.  Carly give yourself an allotted amount of time and then you’re done each day.  It is easy to let your mind wonder into dream land on pinterest.  Dreams of wow how much work I would get done if my office looked like that.  How happy I’d be if I was wearing those coral heels right now, and oh how perfect my mornings would be if all my coffee mugs were coral and grey..HA  It’s all in dream world that I feel as tho certain colors would make my life better.

So instead of applying that to my entire home and redo’ing everything, why not enhance my brand and explore my favorite colors that way!

This is the beginning of my brand brainstorming through pinterest.  Thanks to Amanda Golightly for her amazing eye on pinterest!  Be sure to check her out also, but no pinning for more then 45 minutes a day peeps!

Brand Brainstorming - Pinterest - Coral Grey Idea details


Yeah I can relate with you! I was a pinner from the birth of the site too! Haha. It’s definitely addictive and time consuming! What a yummy color scheme! Wonder what color that essie nail polish is!!!? 😀

oooh, I can’t wait to see your new brand!! love the colors!